Alexa Conomos


I’ve always wanted to create a home for my wonderful Channel 8 memories and my blog that tells the story of my beloved grandmother Yiayia’s incredible life journey. This is also a fun avenue to showcase my favorite things, my family real estate business, and my continuing multimedia endeavors. Most importantly, it’s a place to connect with y’all! So welcome ~ I hope you enjoy our visit together!


TV Newsie Meets #MomLife


One of my favorite memories! A rare opportunity to work with our colleagues at Good Morning America and to visit beautiful Times Square in New York City. This working mom managed to bring her family along, plus two grandmothers! #MomLifeIsTheBestLife


Community Outreach


Like so many of you, I’ve always been passionate about supporting charities and groups that do so much to help others. On this special evening, I was thrilled to honor the top 100 nurses in Dallas/Fort Worth - an incredible group of compassionate professionals!


Catching Flies


Thanks to one of our loyal viewers for summing up a day in the life on the Daybreak set. What a wonderful sentiment: “We absolutely miss you and Ron teasing each other (and sometimes crying together) on News 8 Daybreak. Loved how y’all kept it real and fun:) ~ Missy Buchanan


All In A Day’s Work

Working in the news business is always an adventure. There are a lot of hard stories to report. And therefore, you learn to look at the world around you through a different lens. But there are a lot of fun, unique experiences to be savored as well. From celebrating the release of another Star Wars movie to checking out vintage Oscar fashions (this was Farrah Fawcett’s dress!), no two days on this job are ever alike. Blessed!